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ENC 1102 - Bielecki (Ybor City): Home

Resources discussed and demonstrated during the library orientation.

How to Use This Guide

Welcome! This guide was created for you, a student in Professor Bielecki's ENC-1102 class. Click on a tab at the top to find resources to help you complete the research assignments for this course. For individual research assistance please come in to the library or contact us for help.

Hawk Card & the Library

Hawk Card

Access online library resources from Canvas!

Access online resources from the HCC Libraries site:

  1. Your "Borrower ID" is the 7-digit student (or employee) ID# on your Hawk Card.
  2. Input the last 4 digits of your ID# for the PIN. Looks like this.
  3. To change your PIN access “My Account”. Click “PIN” to change it.
  4. Having trouble logging in? Contact an HCC campus library.

With your Hawk Card you can:

  • Check out books, etc. from the library.
  • Use HCC's online research resources.
  • Print and photocopy.

Subject Guide

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