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SPC 1608 - Stein (Dale Mabry): Start Page

This resource guide will help you prepare your speeches for Professor Stein's class!

About This Guide

Welcome to this library guide for Prof. Shelly Stein's Public Speaking course at the Dale Mabry Campus. 

Prof. Stein's SPC 1608 speech assignments:

Search the Dale Mabry Library Catalog: Everything the Library Owns

Find Books, Articles, Media, & more:

What are "Search Terms"? They are keywords or key phrases that describe your topic.

Try to limit yourself to no more than maybe 6 keywords or key phrases to begin your search—full sentences do not work very well unless they are the title of the item you are trying to find.


If you're prompted to enter Log-In information, refer to the Home or HCC ID Info page.

You may find all that you need just by using the Library Search box.

There may be a big list of results.

You can also try smaller, more specific resources, e.g. article databases, or online reference sources. Those that are recommended for you are indicated in this guide.

Books on Speech Communication Topics

Some examples of books in the library and/or online.