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SLS 1106 - Myles (Dale Mabry): Home

This guide is for students in Dr. Myle's sections of College Success at Dale Mabry


Welcome to the guide for Dr. Myles' College Success class at the Dale Mabry campus.  This guide will provide you with information about finding resources for your career project.

Scroll down for information on logging in to the HCC Libraries web site. 

Find your passion

Bobby Corrigan finds his life's work after one class with Dr. Austin Frishman. See the YouTube video about his experience. (Bobby Corrigan has been profiled in the New Yorker and other places for the excellent work in his career.) 

Hawk Card & the Library

Hawk Card

With your Hawk Card you can:

  • Check out books, etc. from the library.
  • Use HCC's online research resources.
  • Print and photocopy.

Access online resources on the HCC Libraries site:

  1. Your "Borrower ID" is the 7-digit student (or employee) ID# on your Hawk Card.
  2. Input the last 4 digits of your ID# for the PIN. Looks like this.
  3. To change your PIN access “My Account”. Click “PIN” to change it.
  4. Having trouble logging in? Contact an HCC campus library.

Access the Library in Canvas! Follow these easy steps.

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Diane Grey
Dale Mabry Campus Library