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Hello! Please note our holiday closures:
Dale Mabry, Plant City and Ybor City Campus Libraries will close for Winter break after Dec.11 and will re-open on Jan.12, 2015.
Brandon and SouthShore Campus Libraries will close after Dec. 18 and will re-open on Jan.05.
You may obtain research help from a librarian at AskaLibrarian. Happy Holidays!

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ENC 0025 - College Prep Writing II - (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian, Wendy Foley - Last Updated May 27, 2014
The purpose of this guide is to assist students in doing academic research for the class assignment.
Tags: brandon, brandon_campus, enc_0025, english, prep writing, research, research_paper
ENC 1101 - Bibliography Project (Brandon) by Wendy Foley
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Nov 18, 2014
ENC 1101 - Remington - Brandon - bibliography project
Tags: bibliography_project, brandon_campus, enc_1101, remington
ENC 1101 - Cavalani - Countries and Cultures (Brandon)
by Ilene Frank - Last Updated Nov 27, 2014
A guide for your "countries" annotated bibliography project
Tags: bibliography_project, brandon, brandon_campus, culture, enc_1101, freshman_english, multicultural_studies, r_cavalani
ENC 1101 - Definition & Argument Essay Assignments (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian - Last Updated Sep 16, 2013
A guide to resources for ENC 1101 Definition & Argument Essay assignments
Tags: argumentative_essay, brandon_campus, definition, enc_1101, english, essay, etymology, informative_essay, persuasive_ essay, research
ENC 1101 - Sawyerr - (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian, Wendy Foley - Last Updated Sep 9, 2014
This will help Dr. Sawyerr's ENC1101 students complete their research papers.
Tags: brandon_campus, enc_1101, research_paper, sawyerr
ENC 1101 Definition and Argument Essay - (Brandon)
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Nov 17, 2014
Definition, Etymology and Argument Essay Resources
Tags: argumentative_essay, bogli, brandon, brandon_campus, definition, enc_1101, etymology, wyman
ENC 1102 - Holladay (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian, Wendy Foley - Last Updated Aug 29, 2014
Writing Your Research Paper
Tags: brandon_campus, enc_1102, holladay, research, research_paper
ENC 1102 - Remington (Brandon) - Author Research Paper
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Jun 4, 2014
This guide will assist students in Professor Remington's ENC1102 class in the completion of their Author Research Paper assignment.
Tags: author_research, brandon_campus, enc_1102, english, gale_literary_criticism_series, literary_criticism, remington, research
ENC 1102 - Tucker (Brandon) - Career Resources
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Sep 9, 2014
This guide will assist nan Tucker's ENC 1102 students with their Career research paper.
Tags: brandon, brandon_campus, enc_1102, vocational
Etymology for PREP - (Brandon) - Robinson
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated May 1, 2012
This guide is a brief introduction to etymological sources in the Library and on the web.
Tags: brandon_campus, etymology
Faculty Resources (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian, Wendy Foley - Last Updated Jan 14, 2013
A guide to Faculty library resources and services.
Tags: brandon_campus, faculty
General Orientation to the HCC Brandon Library
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Sep 9, 2014
This should serve as a general orientation to the HCC Brandon Library.
Tags: brandon_campus, orientation
Government Web Resources
by HCC Libraries - Last Updated Dec 5, 2014
A select guide to government resources on the web.
Tags: brandon_campus, dale_mabry_campus, documents, government, plant_city_campus, southshore_campus, websites, ybor_city_campus
Green Resources
by Jeremy Bullian - Last Updated Dec 5, 2014
Links and resources for environmental awareness, conservation, sustainability and all around green living.
Tags: brandon_campus, dale_mabry_campus, environment, green, plant_city_campus, southshore_campus, sustainability, ybor_city_campus
HUM 2210/2230 - Western Humanities - Resource Guide (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian, Wendy Foley - Last Updated Sep 9, 2014
resources for Professor Gregory Thompson's classes at Brandon
Tags: brandon, brandon_campus, humanities, orendorf, shuler, thompson
HUM 2410 - Asian Humanities (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian - Last Updated Feb 15, 2014
Asian Humanities Resources
Tags: art, brandon_campus, humanities, shuler
IDS 2110 - O'Dell - American Southwest Arts and Environment - (Brandon)
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Oct 7, 2014
This guide will help Prof. O'Dell's IDS class research their FA 2013 assignment, linking American Southwest arts/culture to its environment.
Tags: art, brandon_campus, ids_2110 o'dell southwest art and environment
Library Research
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Sep 15, 2014
Tags: brandon_campus, research, research_paper
Library Resources for Distance Learning Students
by Jeremy Bullian, HCC Libraries - Last Updated Oct 15, 2014
A short guide to the resources available to Distance Learners for library research.
Tags: brandon_campus, dale_mabry_campus, distance_learning, libraries, online@hcc, research, southshore_campus, ybor_city_campus
LIT 2110 - Sawyerr (Brandon)
by Jeremy Bullian, Wendy Foley - Last Updated Oct 24, 2013
A guide to resources for Dr. Sawyerr's Essay Topics from LIT 2110 (World Literature)
Tags: brandon_campus, criticism, english, lit_2110, research, world_lit
LIT 2110 - Sawyerr (Brandon) FA 09
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Dec 7, 2009
This guide will assist Dr. Sawyerr's students in writing their research papers.
Tags: brandon_campus, british_lit, british_literature, lit_2110, research_paper, sawyerr
Online Library Orientation
by Jeremy Bullian - Last Updated Sep 16, 2014
This LibGuide offers general information about the HCC Libraries, library services, and resources available for research.
Tags: brandon_campus, hcc_libraries, help, orientation, research, video
REL2300 - Thompson (Brandon)
by Wendy Foley - Last Updated Sep 9, 2014
This guide is designed to assist students of Dr. Greg Thompson's REL 2300 class.
Tags: brandon_campus, dr. gregory thompson, religion
SBM 2000 - Zarycki (Brandon) Small Business Mgmt
by Jeremy Bullian, Wendy Foley - Last Updated Oct 9, 2013
Resources for Small Business Management research
Tags: brandon_campus, business, management, sbm_2000, small_business, zarycki
SLS 1301 - Bargeron (Brandon)
by Ilene Frank - Last Updated Oct 13, 2014
A guide for the SLS 1301 "careers" assignment
Tags: bargeron, brandon_campus, careers, sls_1301, vocational
Subject Websites
by Jeremy Bullian, Alicia Ellison, HCC Libraries - Last Updated Dec 12, 2014
A subject directory of helpful websites selected by HCC librarians.
Tags: brandon_campus, dale_mabry_campus, plant_city_campus, southshore_campus, websites, ybor_city_campus

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