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ENC 1101 - Richmond (Dale Mabry): Home & HCC ID Info

To help you find sources for your research essay assignment.


This library guide was created for you, a student in Prof. Art Richmond's ENC-1102 class. It complements or expands-on resources discussed in the library orientation.

You may find all the sources you need just by using the tools and tips on this page. To go further, explore the other tabs!

For log-in help, please refer to HCC ID Info. Good luck, and remember that we in HCC Libraries are here to help you! 

Start Here! Search the Dale Mabry Library Catalog

Find Books, Articles, Media, & more:

The Library Catalog is a big, broad database of everything that the library owns. Its algorithm takes your search terms and returns results ranked by relevance. These results may include one or more of the following:

  • Records of books in the library with location and availability
  • Links to online eBooks
  • Links to online articles from periodicals, including newspapers, magazines and peer-reviewed journals.
  • Links to academic eVideos

To get started:

  1. Think of how you would describe your topic to a friend, pick out a few key terms, and enter them in the Search box.
  2. After you you get your results, you can refine them.
  3. As you continue searching and finding, read over what you have and make notes of other key words and search terms to try.

Working With Books

Books—in print or online as eBooks—are essential resources for many research projects. They often provide great starting points and background for your research.

An entire book or eBook can give you lots of information and viewpoints on a subject. However, you can browse the table of contents and the index. This not only helps you navigate to find what you want, but browsing can also alert you to topics and concepts that you might not have considered when doing your targeted searches.

Finding Books on the Shelf in Dale Mabry Library

Targeting Your Search and Results

Your search terms—key words or phrases—and how you combine them, are the first step in searching for the results you want. Examples:

As you read the content in books, eBooks and articles, or watch eVideos, keep a list of important concepts and new terms to try in further searches.

Refining Your Search Results

When your search results appear, you can narrow them by selecting results that fit into very specific categories—just click a link under the Show Only or Refine My Results section to get started. This is a quick way to find very specific results without having to start your search over.

Librarian, Dale Mabry Campus

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