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Psychology (Ybor City): DSM-5 & Reference Books

Resources to help you complete your psychology research assignments.

About Psychology Reference Books: Print & Online (eBooks)

Print reference books are located in the library's Reference room - and cannot be checked-out. They are, however, ideal sources to get you started or to round out your research.

If a Call Number is provided as well as a link - this means that a print copy of the book is in the library's Reference room.

eBooks are real books - accessible online, anytime!  Log-in required

Books and eBooks typically include:

  • Table of Contents: List of subjects covered per chapter - it's an outline of the book's contents.
  • Index: Points-to or lists pages where individual topics are discussed.
    • Many sub-topics may be listed under each topic heading.

eBooks additionally include:

  • A "Search" Box - to bring up pages where your keywords appear.

Be flexible with your keywords - there may be more than one way to express your topic.


Here are just a few helpful reference books in the library about Disorders.

Click the Title for more information about the contents of the book.

If the book is available online as an eBook, a link is provided.

General Psychology

Here are just a few helpful reference books in the library about General Psychology.

Click the Title for more information about the contents.

If the book is available online as an eBook, a link is provided.