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ENC 1102 Niedbalec: Psychological Effects of Cartoons on Children

This guide contains information on library resources for the literature topics and research papers requires for this course.

Scholarly Websites

Non-Profit Organizations

Center on Media and Child Health

Founded by Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Common Sense Media

The largest non-profit pertaining to children and the media. Offers parent review guides of movies and TV shows as well as resource guides.

Academic Databases

Subject Specific Database


Communications and Mass Media Collection

Focuses on all aspects of the field including advertising, public relations, and all forms of media.


Focuses on all fields of psychology and behavior. Contains full-text peer reviewed articles published by the American Psychological Association and associated journals. 


Video Databases

Media and Communication (Kanopy) 

Documentaries and clips on various issues regarding media and consumerism. 


Compare and Contrast Sides

Opposing Viewpoints

Compare and contrast differing viewpoints on thousands of hot button issues. This is a great starting point for understanding both sides of a topic.

Online Souces

Subject Guide

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