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Earth Science (Dale Mabry): Home


This library guide is a starting point for Earth Science research.

Your Hawk Card is also your Library Card

Hawk Card

With your HawkCard you can:

  • Check out books, etc. from the library
  • Use HCC's online research resources
  • Print and photocopy

Access online resources on the HCC Libraries site:

  1. Your "Borrower ID" is your 7-digit student ID# (or employee ID#) on your Hawk Card.
  2. Input the last 4 digits of your ID# for the PIN. Looks like this.
  3. For example, if your ID# were 0456789, your PIN would be 6789.
  4. To change your PIN access “My Account”. Click “PIN” to change it.
  5. Having trouble logging in? Contact an HCC campus library.

Background reading, look up your topic

Science encyclopedias are great because they get you started on your topic by providing:

* background information on your topic.

* keywords for further searches in the library databases.

Look up terms in this online dictionary. Includes geology and other earth science areas, such as planetary science, volcanology, paleontology, meteorology, and mineralogy.

Pro Tip: Use the search box on the lower left, "Search within work."

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Search HCC Libraries

Find Books, Articles, Media, & more:

Books in the library

Here are some sections in the library shelves that have books on earth sciences:

Meteorology; climatology: QC 851-999 Paleontology: QE  701-760
Geology: QE 1-350.62 Paleozoology: QE  760.8-899.2
Mineralogy: QE  351-399.2 Paleobotany: QE   901-996.5
Volcanoes & earthquakes: QE  521-545 Mineral deposits: TN  260

Articles, Videos

Science coverage from academic and professional science journals, popular science magazines, the weekly New York Times Science Section, and more. 

Articles from academic journals, magazines, newspapers and science encyclopedias - along with experiments, images, videos, audio clips, and links to quality websites. Browse Issues or use the Search box.

Find academic videos on earth science topics in these databases.

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