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Wakanda Syllabus: Articles on Black Panther

A guide on readings related to The Black Panther inspired by the Wakanda Syllabus complied by Dr. Walter Greason of Monmouth University

Articles, Blog Posts, etc. on "Black Panther"

AAIHS (African American Intellectual History Society).  Black Perspectives.  World of the Black Panther.  A series of posts related to Black Panther.  [Posts  include  Wakanda and Black Feminist Political ImaginationBlack Panther, Engineering, and Afrofuturism,  Black Panther, Black Power and the Black Nationalist Tradition, Black Panther, Surveillance and Racial Profiling,  Black Panther the Politics of Black Heroism],  


Bailey, Charlotte M L  The past, present and Afrofuturism of 'Black Panther'.  C|Net. 17 Feb. 2018. 

Berman, Judy.  'Black Panther' Movie:  What  You Should Read after Watching the Boundary-Breaking FilmNew York Times.20 Feb. 2018. 

Cobb, Jelani. “Black Panther” and the Invention of “Africa.”  New Yorker.  18 Feb. 2018.  

Connolly, Nathan. “How ‘Black Panther’ Taps into 500 Years of History. " H-Haiti. 16 Feb. 2018.  

Izadi, Elahe.  Already seen ‘Black Panther’?  Here are some references you might have missed.  Washington Post.  20 Feb. 2018. 

Newkirk II, Vann R.  “The Provocation and Power of ‘Black Panther’”  The Atlantic.  14 Feb. 2018. 

Robbins, Hollis.  ‘Black Panther,’ History and the FutureInside Higher Education.  18 Feb. 2018. 

Watercutter, Angela.  Behind the scenes of Black Panther's Afrofuturism.  Wired. 12 Feb. 2018.  

Additional Resources

University of California Santa Cruz. Special Collections.   The Black Panther, 1966 – 2016.  A digital exhibit by crystal am nelson, Cathy Thomas, and Kiran Garcha  [Digital version of exhibit held in 2017 at UC Santa Cruz. The Marvel Comics Black Panther series with the introduction of the character King T’Challa was launched three months before the Black Panther Party was founded.  The exhibit explores the comics connection to Black history.  UCSC Press release 27 Mar. 2018. ]