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SLS 1106 First Year Experience Orientation - Mullen: Books & More About Finance

For SLS 1106 First Year Experience Orientation - Mullen

Finance Resources

How to Use This Page

There are several resources that can be found in the HCC Libraries.  Use this page of the LibGuide to help located books (printed and eBook) for your finance research assignment.

Plant City Library Search

Find Books, Articles, Media, & more:

Tips for Searching Plant City Library for Finance Materials

Finance Guidance

Use the Plant City Library Search box on this page to find books, eBooks and streaming videos about finance and financials.


  1. Type 1-2 keywords that describe what type of finance resource topic you want to search
  2. Put paranthesis around a keyword search term that is two or more words long
  3. Click "Search"
  4. Search results may include books as well as eBooks, articles, videos, etc.

For Example:

Other keywords search terms to try:

Also - try "buying versus renting"  or renting AND buying as search terme to find books, eBooks, streaming videos and more.

Click on the links below to see search results based on the keyword search term.  These results are for example purposes to show you what a results list will look like.

Books You Can Check Out

A sample of the types of books and eBooks available through HCC Libraries.  Your library card is your student ID/Hawkcard.  To view eBooks, you must be logged in - see the HCC Libraries Online page for log in instructions.

New Arrivals

Subject Guide

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