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ENC1101/ENC1102 Plant City and MacDill: Richmond - ENC1102

This Library Guide (Research Guide) is to be utilized as a general resource for the English Composition (ENC) classes offered at HCC Plant City Campus.

Rhetoric in Action Research Paper


Research Tips: Use this research guide page to help you narrow keyword search terms, figure out which database to use, refresh about the difference between scholarly and non scholarly academic sources.  If you have questions, please refer to the I Need Help page for contact information.  Use the MLA Citation Guides page on this LibGuide for citation writing information.

Plant City Library Search

Find Books, Articles, Media, & more:

Keyword Search Term Help

Keyword Search Term Map

When you choose your topic from the list provided, find the main point or idea of your topic.  For example, Social Justice on Campus (racism, classism, homophobism, etc.).  You cannot type this into the search box as is.  You must break it down first. 

Main Keyword Search Term:  "Social Injustice" or try "Social Justice"

Second Level Keyword Search Term:  Campus; "college campus"; "higher education"; "community college"

Third Level Keyword Search Term:  Racism; "discrimination in higher education"; "racism in higher education"; "college students"; poverty; "social classes"; prejudices; "race relations"

Below is an example of a search result using the Main Keyword Search Term of "social justice" and the second keyword search term as "higher education".


Remember to add "university press" to your search term when looking for a book (printed or eBook) published by a University Press for a scholarly resource.


"Social Justice" AND "higher education" 


Good Databases to Use

Find Scholarly Articles

The databases listed below are great to use to find a scholarly article on your topic.  Hover over the database title for more information.  Remember, check Full Text and Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals - magazines are not typically scholarly so even if you have magazine articles that populate in the results, stick with academic journals to be safe.

Tips for searching Google Scholar

Search for scholarly literature across many subject areas and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

Google Scholar Search Tips 

If you're off-campus, Set up Google Scholar on your computer to allow access to HCC Libraries resources.

Newspaper Articles

How to find local newspaper articles

Hillsborough Community College subscribes to several online databases that allow you to search for newspaper articles that were published in the Tampa Bay area newspapers.  Hover each database listing for tips specific to that database.

Opposing Sides

To find a scholarly article that presents an opposing view for your paper, use the following database.

Literary Analysis

The following four databases are great to use to locate a Scholarly article on the theme of the short story you are writing on for your Literary Analysis paper.  Hover over the database title for searching tips.