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Anatomy & Physiology (Plant City): Digestive System

Guide to resources for students in A&P at Plant City Campus

Resources Available

Digestive System

There are many authoritative resources available on the topic of Digestive System provided to you through HCC Libraries.  On this page, you will find access to the following types of resources:

  • Databases for journal, newspaper and magazine articles
  • Streaming Videos
  • Books (printed and eBook) found in the HCC libraries
  • Authoritative websites

In order to access the databases, videos and eBooks, you will need to be signed in.  There are two ways to sign in for access. Please see the Logging into HCC Libraries page on this guide for assistance.

Current Research Headlines

MedlinePlus links added to the Celiac Disease Topic within the last 60 days.

*Many more feeds are available on other topics at:

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Medical Cases on Digestive Topics

Medical clinical cases are found in a variety of places. The websites listed under Recommended Website on this page direct you to some sources. Other cases can be found by using the library databases. 

  1. Open MEDLINE Full Text
  2. Type "Case Reports" in the first search box
  3. Type "celiac disease" in the second search box
  4. Check Full Text
  5. Click Search

Diseases & Pathophysiology (Causes)

General Information about the Digestive System

Streaming Videos

In order to access streaming videos hosted on library databases, you will need to be logged into HCC Libraries Online

Relevant Library Databases