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Finding Literary Criticism (Ybor City): General Literature


The resources on this page will lead you to literary criticism and information about works of literature across all genres: short stories, novels, non-fiction and poems. Log-in instructions are on the Home page

Literary Criticism Databases

These library databases will lead you to critical and overview articles about novels, short stories, plays, poems, and other works of literature; literary topics; author information; full text of many works; and more. Click a link below and log in.

Literary Themes for Students

These online reference books (eBooks) outline how themes are treated in American, British and world literature. Author profiles are included, as well as highlights of major works centered around the theme.

Literatures and Their Times

Use these online reference books to find historical background, author information, critical analyses, and much more about literary works. Log-in required

After you log in, type the title of your work in the search box on the left, directly below the picture of the book cover.

Social/Historical Perspectives on Literature

These books are for use in the library only.