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ENC 1102 - Freeman (Plant City): MLA Citation Tools

Course LibGuide for students in Dr. Freeman's ENC 1102 course

MLA Citation Assignment

MLA Citation Tools

Literature Databases to Use

Literature Databases

The databases listed below are excellent sources to use when needing to find critiques or literary criticisms, literary analysis, character and plot summaries, thematic information.

General Databases

General Information Databases

The following databases are good ones to use when you aren't sure what database to use.  These databases cover a large variety of topics.  Search for journal, magazine and newspaper articles.

More Tips - MLA Citation Exercise

Tips for your MLA Citation Exercise Assignment

This assignment is intended to help you get acquainted with creating MLA citations. Below you will find tips for finding the materials that you need to cite. In the box on the left, you will find a variety of resources that assist with creating MLA Citations.

Any time you are asked to locate a book, you will use the Library Catalog. 


When searching the library catalog for books, make sure you choose Books or Items in Library at the "Limit to:" box.

Depending on the topic - you will locate articles in the several different databases.  See the boxes below in the left and right columns for database suggestions.  

 *Many databases have a "cite this" feature that is useful for helping to construct MLA citations.


Newspaper Databases

Newspaper Databases

The following databases listed can be used to find newspaper articles from local, Tampa and Florida newspapers as well as newspapers around the United States.  Access World News Research Collection provides access to newspaper articles from international publications.



The following resource is excellent to use when needing to find the meaning of a word, etymology of a word.