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AML 2600 African-American Literature - Freeman (Plant City): The Yellow Wallpaper

Books about Gilman

Selected books and ebooks about Charlotte Perkins Gilman .  To access eBooks, you must be logged into .   

Library Databases

To find magazine, journal, and book articles about The Yellow Wallpaper, search in the databases below.

Databases are used to search for and locate articles for the research process. They are not available freely online, thus you will be prompted to log in with your borrower ID and pin.
Students/employees can access the online library resources with your 7-digit student ID# (or employee ID#). The PIN is the last 4 digits of your student ID# or SSN (unless you've changed it). *If this does not work, please contact one of the HCC libraries.

Each of the databases has a different "look" but they all search in similar ways. Typcially you will enter both the author's name and the title of the story to find articles that are about the particular story. If instead, you are only looking for biographical information about the author, you can use the Biography In Context database.

Literature Resources from Gale

Literature Resources from Gale will allow you to search for magazine, journal and book articles about Charlotte Perkins Gilman and "The Yellow Wallpaper".

At the Advanced Search screen enter "yellow wallpaper" in the "Name of Work" box and "gilman" in the "person-by or about" box.

Click on the check box that will limit "to documents with full text." This will ensure that the results are able to be read online immediately. Finally click on "Search" and a list of articles will appear.

The list of results will have a tab like the one below. Click on the Literature Cricticism tab to see the articles available that critically examine the work. To read an article in the list of results, click on the title or the link(s) labeled "Full-text". 

Literature Criticism Online (Gale)

Literature Criticism Online will allow you to search for essays and biographical information about Charlotte Perkins Gilman and her writings that appear in large collections of literary criticism.

 *This database contains the full copies of several sets of literary criticism series and is quite a bit different than the other databases.

To locate articles/chapters in this database, you will click on  Browse Works, type yellow wallpaper in the title box on the upper left, and then click on The Yellow Wallpaper in the results list:

From the results page, select one of the chapters. The chapter will likely be very long. Rather than viewing it page by page, click on Stories Discussed to see the list of stories that are analyzed in this chapter. Scroll to The Yellow Wallpaper and click on the pages linked there. The database will skip to those pages.

Books and eBooks

Search the library catalog for books and ebooks that are available.

To complete a search:

  • Access the library catalog by going to:
  • Type in key words for your search. Examples are: title of story, author's name, or a combination of these (story of an hour; story of an hour chopin; kate chopin)
  • Click on the dropdown menu to limit to "library items"
  • Click on Search

Your results should appear, similiar to below:

Literary Reference Center (Ebsco)

Literary Reference Center will also allow you to search for magazine, journal and book articles about Charlotte Perkins Gilman and her writings.  Some information will overlap with that in the Literature Resources from Gale.

Enter the title "yellow wallpaper" and the author "gilman" in the search boxes, leave the drop-down menus set to "select a field".

Click on Full-Text, and then click on Search.