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You may find all that you need just by using the Library Search box.

There may be a big list of results.

You can also try smaller, more specific resources, e.g. article databases, or online reference sources. Those that are recommended for you are indicated in this guide.

Example Searches: Countries or Cultures

Think of 1-4 keywords or key phrases that express your topic (rather than a full sentence). For example:

Culture of a Country or Region

Native People Who are Within One or More Countries

    •  kurd* culture - searches variants of the word Kurd (Kurds, Kurdish)
    •  Inca* Peru - searches variants of the word Inca (Inca, Incas, Incan)

Particular Aspects of a Country or Culture

    • cumbia Colombia - searches  this traditional dance of Colombia
    • pierogi* Poland - the * searches singular and plural forms of the word for more results)
    • petroleum and Ecuador - searches issues facing indigenous peoples of Ecuador vs. the petroleum industry