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Psychology (Ybor City): Other Books,eBooks, & More!

Resources to help you complete your psychology research assignments.

Ybor City Library Search

Find Books, Articles, Media, & more:


If you're prompted to enter Log-In information, refer to the Home or HCC ID Info page.

You may find all that you need just by using the Library Search box.

There may be a big list of results.

You can also try smaller, more specific resources, e.g. article databases, or online reference sources. Those that are recommended for you are indicated in this guide.

Some Sample Searches

Find "bipolar disorder" 
   ( two or more words to be searched together as a phrase should be enclosed in "quotation marks" )

Find "bipolar disorder" and treatment 
   ( keywords/phrases should be separated by and )

Find "B.F. Skinner"

Find "cognitive psychology" 

Find "cognitive psychology" and child*
   ( the * picks up child as well as children )

You Can Search in Other Libraries

You can find books, eBooks, videos, etc. in other libraries.

Click the  buttons for more info.