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ENC 1101 - Freeman (Plant City): Descriptive Narration Essay

Assignment Instructions

Assignment Resources

There are two main library tools that can be used in locating appropriate resources for this assignment:  

  • HCC Libraries Online Catalog
    • ​Used to search primarily for:
      • ​Printed books found at an HCC campus library
      • eBooks accessed through HCC Libraries Online
      • eVideos accessed through HCC Libraries Online
  • HCC Libraries Electronic Databases
    • ​Used to search for:
      • ​Articles
        • ​Newspapers
        • Magazine
        • Journal

The box below describes three databases that are good to start with for this assignment.  Click on the blue links to connect to those databases.  

For Library Catalog and Library Database use instructions, click on Library Catalog Search and Library Database Access and Use.

Library Databases to Use for Descriptive Narrative Assignment

Articles from Electronic, Library Databases

An electronic, library database allows you to search for magazine, journal, newspaper, and story/book articles about a variety of topics ranging from current/popular topics to scholarly research topics. This is a great resource to use when beginning your research.

 The Biography in Context database allows you to search for only biographical information. 

  In order to access the library databases, you must be signed in.  See the Logging into HCC Libraries page for more log-in instructions.

Plant City Library Search

Find Books, Articles, Media, & more:

MLA Citation Help

MLA Citation Writing

Please see the MLA Citation Guide page for citation writing assistance.