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ENC 1101 - Freeman (Plant City): Library Research Assignment

ENC 1101 Library Research Assignment

Tips for your Library Research Assignment:

  1. When needing to find books use the LINCC Library Catalog.
  2.  The catalog allows you to search for books at Plant Cityat all of HCCand at all 28 of the community colleges.  For detailed instructions on how to use LINCCWeb Catalog, go to the Library Catalog Search page in this Guide.


If  you need librarian assistance with this assignment, please feel free to contact the HCC Plant City campus library.  See the Using this Guide page for contact information.

Question 1

1.  Locate and cite a single biography of a former U.S President. 

Use the HCC library catalog to answer this question and to search for your subject term. Open the Advanced Search page. 

Example:  To locate a book about the George Washington, type in the search words "George Washington" in the keyword box. Change the search parameters in the Keyword Search area:  Material Type to Books; Within to the library that you are using for this assignment.  If you are in Plant City, change this parameter from HCC to Plant City.  This will eliminate every other resource type and just provide you with a list of books found in the library.

To cite a book source with one author, use the following MLA 8th Edition Format:

  Author. Title. Publisher, Year of Publication.

  Johnson, Paul. George Washington: The Founding Father. Atlas Books, 2005.

Question 2

2. Using the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), locate the definition and etymology of the terms “style” and “culture”.

The OED is available from the library as a database. You can access OED by clicking on the link below (it may prompt you to log in with your student ID number and pin [last four digits of your student ID number]).  Once you have opened OED, type your word in the search box and click Go. Your results list should appear. Click on "Full Entry" to look at the complete entry for your word.

Question 3

3.  Using the electronic Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), locate the necessary training and education for two professions of your choice; include earnings, anticipated job prospects, and working conditions.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is published by the U.S. Department of Labor and is available as either a print source in the HCC Plant City Library or online through the U.S. Department of Labor website.  Below find links to the HCC Library Catalog record and to the online version.

Question 4

4. Using LSDL, locate an article on “academic writing” and provide a citation. 

The LSDL is the LibGuide for Distance Learning students.  Use the page called Find Articles for this question.  Follow these steps to help answer this question:

  1. Open up the Alphabetical List of Article Databases
  2. Choose Academic OneFile 
    1. This opens the Advanced Search page for this database
  3. Type in your search term "academic writing" in the first keyword search box
    1. Check mark the box next to Full Text Documents under More Options
  4. Click on Search

Choose any article listed in the results by clicking on the article title.  To cite using MLA 8th Edition format, please use the resources found on the MLA Citation Guide of this LibGuide.

Question 5

5.  Using Google Book Search, find a book on the subject of "investing wisely" and provide a citation.

Use the Learning Resources for Distance Learning LibGuide to help answer this question.  Google Book Search can be fond on the Find eBooks (and Books) page of this LibGuide.  Type in you search term and after your results populate, click on a book title to view the ebook.  Follow these steps to provide a citation:

  1. Open the MLA Citation Guide page of this LibGuide
  2. Click on MLA Style for Electronic Sources (written by Valencia College)
  3. Open the tab called Electronic Sources
    1. Choose Book Viewed on the Web
      1. Explains how to cite a book from Google Books
        1. To find the permalink, click on the Link icon in the header above the book in Google Books

Question 6, 7, 8

Use the HCC library catalog to answer this question and to search for your subject term. Open the Advanced Search page. Or, you can use the Plant City Library Search box below.  Enter your term in this box, click to search and the HCC Libraries LINCCWEB page will open.

See the Library Catalog Search page for help using the HCC Library Catalog.  The "all community colleges" is now labled as "all 28 colleges" in the "within" pull down menu.

Plant City Library Search

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