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Veterinary Technology (Plant City): Streaming Videos

Guide to Library and Online Resources available for Veterinary Technology Students @ HCC

Streaming Videos

Streaming Videos 

HCC Libraries Online has access to more electronic resources such as streaming videos.  Veterinary Education in Video is an electronic database that provides access up to over 700 videos just on veterinary technology.  The "Microchip Implementation" box is a sample of the types of streaming videos that are available.  The Veterinary Education in Video database also allows the user to build playlists and make and store clips.  

If you experience problems accessing this database or would like more help with developing search terms, making clips or building playlists, please contact your librarian at the Plant City campus library.



Microchip Implementation Video

This is just a sample of the types of videos you have access to through the electronic library database called Veterinary Education in Video hosted at HCC Libraries Online.  If you would like to see other videos posted here, please send in a comment and we will look for it.  

Playlist of Veterinary Videos

Sample link to a video playlist in the Veterinary Education in Video electronic library database.  If you would like other playlists built, please contact your librarian, Karen Dufraine.

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